Management of Asthma in Primary Care - Bioinformatics Group (U24 - Clinical Trial Required)

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

The purpose of this U24 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to support a bioinformatics group (BIG) that will analyze a set of asthma-specific common data elements (CDEs) retrospectively collected from the electronic health record data (EHR) of patients in the US whose asthma is managed by a primary care provider (PCP). Based on a large, nationally representative data set, the BIG will identify the current management practices (CMPs) of PCPs that result in the best asthma outcomes for specific groups of patients in different clinical settings or situations. The CMPs will be established by the BIG in collaboration with a clinical consultant team (CCT) with expertise in asthma and a primary care network (PCN), experienced in managing the primary care of patients. Following the BIG's analysis of retrospective data, the CCT and PCN will design and then conduct prospective clinical trials to compare the retrospectively identified CMPs in appropriate patients with asthma. At the conclusion of the clinical trials, the BIG will perform the data analysis for the assessment of the CMPs, refining any of the processes needed to analyze the asthma CDE data.

The PCN, CCT, and a data management team (DMT) will be funded separately in a two-phased, milestone-driven program. The Managing Asthma in Primary Care (MAP) program that will generate and provide the data to the BIG is described in more detail in the companion FOA, RFA-HL-19-005.   


  • Letter of Intent Due Date(s): 30 days prior to the application due date
  • Application Due Date(s): October 31, 2018

RFA-HL-19-006 Expiration Date November 1, 2018

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Application budgets may not exceed direct costs of up to $1,250,000 in FY2019, $1,250,000 in FY 2020, $250,000 in FY 2021, $250,000 in FY 2022, and $1,000,000 in FY 2023.

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
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October 31, 2018