Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes

Funding Agency:
National Science Foundation

Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes are national resources that aim to advance research in the mathematical sciences through programs supporting discovery and dissemination of knowledge in mathematics and statistics and enhancing connections to related fields in which the mathematical sciences can play important roles. Institute activities help focus the attention of some of the best mathematical minds on problems of particular importance and timeliness. Institutes are also community resources that involve a broad segment of U.S.-based mathematical sciences researchers in their activities. The goals of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes program include advancing research in the mathematical sciences, increasing the impact of the mathematical sciences in other disciplines, and expanding the talent base engaged in mathematical research in the United States.


  • Letter of Intent Due Date(s) (required): December 14, 2018; December 14, 2023

  • Full Proposal Deadline(s): March 14, 2019; March 14, 2024

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Eligibility Requirements

Proposals may only be submitted by the following:

  • Universities or four-year colleges accredited in, and having a campus located in, the US acting on behalf of their faculty members; and nonprofit, nonacademic organizations located in the US that are directly associated with educational or research activities. Multi-institutional consortia are permitted, but a single entity must accept overall management responsibility.



Amount Description

Up to eight awards will be made, depending on the quality of the submissions and the availability of funds. A total amount of up to $30 million may be available in FY 2020 for this activity. Award amounts are anticipated to range from approximately $2.5 million per year to $5 million per year for up to five years. Awards are expected to be continuing grants; funds are released annually subject to approval by DMS and the availability of funds.

In Year 5, institutes are welcome to submit a renewal proposal for a subsequent five years of funding. A renewal proposal may be funded depending on the results of prior support and merit review, always subject to the availability of funds. The review of renewal proposals will emphasize evaluation of the results under prior support as well as plans for future activity. At the conclusion of the review of a renewal proposal, DMS will inform the awardee whether DMS finds that the institute's activities warrant renewal for an additional five-year period, or whether a plan must be put into effect for phase-out of DMS support. Renewal proposals may be funded with phase-out awards of duration fewer than five additional years. However, it is anticipated that except in unusual circumstances the first renewal proposal for a well-functioning newly-created institute will receive an additional five years of support.

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Curriculum Development
Engineering and Physical Sciences

External Deadline

December 14, 2018