MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Project

Funding Agency:
Department of Commerce

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), a bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce, leads Federal Government efforts to promote the growth and global competiveness of America’s growing minority business enterprise (MBE) community. Through MBDA’s services, MBEs are better equipped to create jobs, contribute to local economies, and sustain America’s position as a world economic leader. Today, MBEs number more than 8 million and generate over $1.4 trillion in revenues. Minority-owned firms are consistently cited by economists as an engine of employment growth and economic expansion in America.

The Advanced Manufacturing Project (AMP) is a key component of the Agency’s overall portfolio of minority business development services and focuses on referral services, technical and business development, policy assessment, education, and research for “eligible minority-owned businesses.”

​This Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO or Announcement) announces the anticipated availability of funding for the MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Project (“AMP”), and solicits competitive applications for four (4) AMP awards that must be located within any of the 50 U.S. States or Puerto Rico. The AMP awards will be used to identify, screen, promote, refer minority business enterprises (MBEs) to specialized advanced manufacturing programs (e.g., the NIST Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP), and to provide technical and business development services. The technical assistance and business development services will generate increased financing and contract opportunities for MBEs and will assist MBEs in creating and retaining jobs. The AMP will also assess regulatory changes pertaining to manufacturing in domestic and global markets, economic impact and need for minority manufacturers. AMP will educate federal, state, local government and private sector entities on ways to expand resources and to use minority manufacturers.

Deadline: Jun. 17, 2016

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Eligibility Requirements

For-profit entities (including but not limited to sole-proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations), non-profit organizations, state and local government entities, Native American Tribes and educational institutions are eligible to apply to operate an AMP. Successful applicants will possess experience in assisting advanced manufacturing minority firms in obtaining large scale contracts/procurements and financing awards; accessing established supply chains; educating and assisting minority firms in joint ventures, teaming arrangements, mergers and acquisitions; minority business advocacy; policy analysis; and facilitating entry and large scale transactions in global markets. It is also anticipated that the mission of successful applicant organizations will align with both the mission of MBDA and the AMP objectives. 



Amount Description

The total funding period for the awards made under this solicitation is three (3) base years and two (2) optional years. Funding for this competition has been appropriated and MBDA expects a total of $1,000,000 per year to fund the financial assistance awards for the operation of four (4) AMPs identified in this FFO through FY 2021. The anticipated amount of the federal funding of each AMP for each of the performance years is listed in this FFO (see Appendix A: Funding Availability). Each award is expected to be $250,000 per year. Awards are anticipated to be made with a start date of September 1, 2016. The period of performance under this solicitation is five years, consisting of one base period (three consecutive program years) and optional (two program years) periods. 

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Community Outreach and Engagement
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

June 17, 2016