Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) -- “Multi domain Life Saving Trauma Innovations (MuLTI)

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Department of the Army

The  Medical  Technology  Enterprise  Consortium  (MTEC)  is  an  enterprise  partnership  that  collaborates  with  industry  and  academia  to  facilitate  research  and  development  activities  in  cooperation with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) and other  Government agencies in the biomedical sciences (including but not limited to drugs, biologics,  vaccines, medical software and medical devices) to protect, treat and optimize the health and  performance  of  U.S.  military  personnel.    MTEC  is  a  nonprofit  corporation  with  the  following  principal objectives:    (a) biomedical research and prototyping;   (b) exploration of private sector technology opportunities;   (c) technology transfer; and   (d) development of intellectual property (IP) and follow‐on production.   

This RPP entitled “Multi domain Life Saving Trauma Innovations (MuLTI)” will support the development of highly innovative Materiel Products and new ways, methods, or modifications to existing trauma practice (i.e., Knowledge Products) for future Multi Domain Operations (MDO) where evacuation capabilities may be significantly delayed or unavailable, including decision support, semi-autonomous, and autonomous technologies. Projects should focus on enhancing capabilities at the point of greatest need, including life-saving interventions to be rendered immediately post-injury, during periods of prolonged care in theater, and during en route care within and from theater. Encouraged characteristics of possible medical materiel solutions include, but are not limited to, concepts that address one or more of the following: mobility, lowweight and cube, low-power, modularity, interoperability, ruggedization, automation, lowcomplexity, decision supported, closed or semi-closed loop feedback, longer shelf life, temperature stability, low-complexity, regulatory pathway clarity, manufacturability, costsavings, and/or life-cycle product sustainability. 

Deadline for White Papers: March 18, 2019

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March 18, 2019