Methods and Technologies for Personalized Learning, Modeling and Assessment

Funding Agency:
Department of Defense

This effort is an open-ended BAA soliciting innovative research concepts in the development, test, and validation of training approaches to learning and performance. It includes modeling and the design and execution of laboratory and field studies to evaluate alternative live, virtual, and constructive approaches, solutions, and practices in military and civilian mission areas such as autonomous operations, manned and unmanned air and ground operations, command and control, cyber operations, emergency response, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, tactical air combat, and integrated air, land, sea and space operations.

White Papers will be accepted until 17 Nov 2019, 5 PM Wright-Patterson AFB Local Time. Only white papers are due at this time. 

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Areas of Interest

This effort shall include work in any or all of the following technical areas:

Area 1. Competency-Based Approaches for Training and Performance Requirements Analysis

Area 2, Criterion Development and Readiness Standards Definition for Non-Traditional Work Applications

Area 3, Ontology Development for Representing Subject Matter Knowledge and Skills

Area 4, Approaches for Using Real World Performance Data to Improve the Efficiency and Validity of Constructive Models and Agents in Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Environments

Area 5, Modeling for Learning and Agent Development

Area 6, Complimentary Family of Trainer Development and Validation

Amount Description

The Air Force anticipates making multiple awards during the 5-year period.   However, the government reserves the right to make no awards.  The Air Force anticipates a minimum award value of $100,000, but will entertain white papers with Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) less than that if of significant interest to the Air Force.

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

November 17, 2019