The Midlife in the United States Study (U19 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

The purpose of this FOA is to solicit an application for the next 6-year cycle of the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) Study. The goals of this next phase are to complete the fourth wave of longitudinal data collection for the core MIDUS sample and the second wave of the MIDUS refresher sample. In conjunction with a companion announcement, PAR-21-157, this FOA solicits applications to continue biopsychosocial integrations using multiple subprojects that collect data on sociodemographic and psychosocial factors, daily experience, cognitive capacities, biomarkers, neuroscience, and gene expression and that connect these content areas through innovative analyses. A central goal of the MIDUS study is to support data dissemination, provide user support of public use files, and encourage data use broadly by the scientific community.  


  • Letter of Intent Due Date(s): New Dates March 26; July 16, 2021; and January 1, 2022

  • Application Due Date(s): New Dates April 26, 2021; August 16, 2021; and February 1, 2022

PAR-21-156 Expiration Date New Date February 2, 2022 per issuance of NOT-AG-21-026. (Original Expiration Date: November 19, 2021)




Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational
Social Sciences

External Deadline

February 1, 2022