Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 1/9/2023

Migraine as a Risk Factor for Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) announcement is to use large currently available databases (studies or electronic health record data) with information on migraine and cardiovascular disease, in combination with data science approaches, to assess migraine as a risk factor for cardiac disease and stroke.

This RFP promotes data harmonization and analysis of key longitudinal population studies or electronic health record data on which our current understanding of migraine and cardiovascular disease is based, including but not limited to the American Migraine Study I and II, American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention Studies, National Health Interview Survey, Nurses’ Health Study, and the Women’s Health Initiative. These data may also be combined with new data including but not limited to the UK Biobank and other datasets. Projects with data on social and structural determinants of health in migraine, genetic data, and behavioral data will all be considered. Projects that seek to explore fairness and equity in risk models will also be considered.

Research supported by this RFP include analysis of epidemiological studies, clinical trial data, electronic health record data, imaging data, genetic data, proteomic and /or metabolomic data or other already accumulated datasets. This RFP does not support establishment of new cohorts or collection of new data on existing cohorts.

Required Letter of Intent Deadline: Jan. 23, 2023

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