The Mobility Unlimited Challenge

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We believe that groundbreaking technology can drastically reduce mobility barriers.

That’s why the Toyota Mobility Foundation has, with Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre, launched the inaugural Mobility Unlimited Challenge. The international $4 million challenge is designed to change the daily lives of people with lower-limb paralysis through innovative personal mobility devices incorporating intelligent systems.

The Mobility Unlimited Challenge aims to harness creative thinking from across the world to accelerate innovation and encourage collaboration with end-users, resulting in devices that will integrate seamlessly into users’ lives and environments, enabling greater independence and increased participation in daily life.

We’re looking for teams with engineering, software, design and data science expertise. But more importantly, we’re looking for teams who put end-users at the heart of everything they do. That means engaging people with lower-limb paralysis from the outset to develop devices that best meet their needs.

Devices might incorporate Artificial Intelligence that will help predict user intent. Or long-life, fast charging batteries that will give people the freedom to move for days or weeks at a time without worrying about power. Or a re-engineered exoskeleton that will redefine assistive mobility. Or something the world hasn't even realized is possible.

Deadline for a $50,000 Discovery Award: Feb. 7, 2018

Deadline for the $500,000 Finalist Development Grant: Aug. 15, 2018

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Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical - Basic Science
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February 7, 2018