Morpho Initiative

Funding Agency:
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

The Morpho Initiative is an applied environmental science initiative launched by NCEAS. Morpho convenes working groups consisting of government agency, NGO, tribal, and academic researchers to develop and accelerate science in the service of environmental management. Projects are enhanced by hands-on training in data science and management skills that can help tackle the project's near- and long-term challenges. Through this approach, Morpho aims to advance necessary skills while developing the science results that can inform solutions to urgent issues facing our changing planet - from wildfires to biodiversity loss and climate change. 

The Morpho Initiative’s Annual Request for Proposals asks potential team leaders to propose a research opportunity to influence management action. Each project will bring together a working group of 12-15 experts for 3-4 in-person collaborative sessions over 24 months. The group will conceive new approaches to its respective problem, synthesize data relevant to the work, and develop science in service of relevant solutions. Between sessions, members will collaborate remotely, participate in Morpho-provided trainings, explore emerging research, identify opportunities to enhance management, and publish results. We will advise on best practices for open data science and offer advice for technical matters related to the group’s synthesis project. Over time, ideas and relationships fostered within Morpho teams may influence management policy or practice at local, state, national or international levels. Awards will be announced in June 2024 and groups will start in Fall 2024. 


Deadline: April 15, 2024

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Post Doctoral Fellows


Environmental & Life Sciences

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April 15, 2024