Nathan Shock Center for Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging -- Pilot Projects Awards

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Jackson Aging Center

The Jackson Aging Center is accepting applications for Pilot Research Projects in the biology of aging. The proposed Pilot project should aim to make use of our aged mouse resources, phenotyping services, or tissues from our repository collections. The Pilot Project may be designed to rapidly pursue a new research opportunity or to obtain preliminary data for a grant application in any area of aging research. Prior consultation with the Director of the Development Core, Ron Korstanje (, is strongly advised. Pilot project funds will support the use of Research Core Services, but cannot provide funding for supplies or salaries. Applications from outside The Jackson Laboratory are strongly encouraged. Junior Faculty members are particularly encouraged to apply for Pilot Projects. Postdoctoral fellows cannot serve as Principal Investigators for pilot projects. However, they may receive support via faculty sponsors. 

Due to the need to manage our aged mouse colonies efficiently, opportunities for phenotyping, intervention testing, and tissue collection with aged mice require advanced planning. Applications received by October 1, 2018 will be considered together in our annual planning cycle. However, applications will also be considered on a year-round basis. Information about specific opportunities will be posted on and at Upon approval, Pilot Projects will start as soon as the required mice or resources become available. 

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