Natural Resources Conservation Service -- Conservation Planning and Technical Service Provider (TSP) Training Development

Funding Agency:
US Department of Agriculture

US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is looking for a partner to develop multiple training courses for employees, partners, and technical service providers on topics associated with our conservation planning such as in the areas of economics, practice standards, conservation activities and others. The vision for these courses is that they would be online training developed in a format compatible with our AgLearn Learning Management System, would be 508 compliant, and include an exam to measure learner knowledge. NRCS will supply subject matter experts working with an interested Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU) network partner who will provide training development resources. Together we will create the elements related to course objectives, learning outcomes and course content. All courses developed will be the property of USDA, NRCS who will be provided the course in its final form along with all supporting materials including but not limited to files, documents, and videos in editable formats.

An applicant organization may not submit more than one application for different projects or proposing different approaches. Interested applicants from within Duke should contact as early as possible.

Deadline: April 11, 2022

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for this opportunity is limited to the following entity types: a. Private institutions of higher education b. Public and State-controlled institutions of higher education c. Entity must be associated with the CESU network. Information on the CESU network can be accessed at

Amount Description

The estimated funding floor for this opportunity is $200,000, and the estimated funding ceiling is $1,500,000. The funding floor means the minimum agreement funding amount for the Federal share per agreement awarded. The ceiling is the maximum agreement funding amount for the Federal share per agreement awarded. These numbers refer to the total agreement amount, not any specific budget period.

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Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

April 11, 2022