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Posted: 9/29/2023

Neukom Institute for Computational Science -- Neukom Fellows Program

Neukom Fellows are interdisciplinary positions for recent PhDs whose research interests or practice cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries, and has some computational component, whether it be a framing concept for intellectual exploration or an explicit part of the work that is pursued.


The deadline is December 1, 2023.

Eligibility Requirements

The successful candidate should have a history of collaborative work across disciplines, but still show evidence of independence and initiative. They must have their Ph.D. in any discipline or expected by September 1, 2024. The Fellowships are two year appointments with the option to request a third year.

Neukom Fellows will be mentored by faculty in two departments at Dartmouth College, take up residence in one department, and will teach one seminar course each year on a subject of their interest. Other than travel for research and conferences, fellows are expected to be in residence at Dartmouth. There are no additional duties.

  • PhD in any discipline or DMA or MFA (expected by September 2024)

  • Research interests that strongly intersect the theme of computation

  • A demonstrated interest in multidisciplinary research

  • Evidence of the ability to think outside traditional paradigms

Amount Description

Neukom Fellow stipends are $65,000 for 2023-2025. Additional funds are available for equipment, travel, and research materials.