New Jazz Works: Commissioning and Ensemble Development

Funding Agency:
Chamber Music America

Chamber Music America’s New Jazz Works program provides grants to U.S. jazz ensembles to create, perform, and if desired, record new works. The new work may be composed by the ensemble leader or another member of the ensemble.

The Board of Directors of Chamber Music America has made diversity, inclusion, and equity a primary focus of the organization’s work. CMA seeks to fulfill its vision for the future, where people of all races, religions, genders, and abilities are able to fully participate in the performance, presentation, and enjoyment of the many styles of small ensemble music. Therefore, CMA’s goal in this program is, through the panel review process, to arrive at a final slate of grantees that is representative of the field in terms of race, gender, and style of jazz. 

Deadline: Feb. 12, 2021

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants are professional jazz ensembles led by (or including) a composer/performer. Ensembles must be CMA members at the Organization Level and consist of a core group (from two to ten musicians) with a demonstrated history of performing original music featuring jazz improvisation.

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Arts & Humanities

External Deadline

February 12, 2021