NOAA -- Competition for a Cooperative Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Studies

Funding Agency:
Department of Commerce

The NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) invites applications for the establishment of a Cooperative Institute (CI) for Atmospheric and Marine Studies. The proposed CI will serve a critical function of coordinating the deployment of instruments and collection and quality control of data for major elements of the interdependent global and regional observing systems in the Southeast Region, creating an integrated, end-to-end system. The CI will expand and improve our ability to collect, check, distribute, and use climate, weather, water, ocean, coastal marine, fishery, and habitat information to study the effects of climate variability and change, severe weather, water, and resource management on spatial scales from local to global. The regional CI (that will include expertise from sub-regions in the Gulf of Mexico, Southeastern U.S., Caribbean, and Atlantic) will collaborate with NOAA scientists to contribute to this understanding through a variety of activities.

In addition to the blended needs of climate, weather, water, ocean, coastal, and ecosystem-based management, the CI will provide an opportunity to grow and train the next generation of a diverse pool of scientists by giving many students and postdoctoral scientists a ‘hands-on’ opportunity to participate in NOAA research. 

The proposed CI can be comprised of a single academic institution that offers accredited graduate level degree-granting programs in NOAA-related sciences or a consortium of academic institutions with the aforementioned programs and their supporting research affiliates. Each proposing entity must have strong programs in support of at least one of the identified research areas. The CI would be expected to develop and implement mechanisms to facilitate collaborative research, education, and outreach with NOAA (e.g., post-doctoral appointments, graduate research assistantships and research appointments). The CI is strongly encouraged to work with a variety of entities, including but not limited to: academic institutions; private industry; non-traditional partners; NOAA laboratories, science and data centers; other CIs and Cooperative Science Centers (CSCs); and Sea Grant Colleges.

Deadline: Jan. 6, 2020

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Areas of Interest

Research Themes of Proposed Cooperative Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Studies:

(1) Tropical Weather Observations, Analysis and Prediction

(2) Ocean and Climate Observation, Analysis and Prediction

(3) Ecosystem Observations, Modeling, Forecasting and Management

(4) Protection and Restoration of Marine Resources

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is limited to non-Federal public and private non-profit universities, colleges and research institutions that offer accredited graduate-level degree-granting programs in NOAA-related sciences.

Amount Description

All funding is contingent upon the availability of Federal appropriations. NOAA anticipates that up to $31M-$62M will be available annually for this CI. The actual annual funding that the CI receives may be less than the anticipated amount and will depend on the actual projects that are approved by NOAA after the main CI award begins, the availability of funding, the quality of the research, the satisfactory progress in achieving the stated goals described in project proposals, and continued relevance to program objectives.

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Curriculum Development
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

January 6, 2020