NOAA RESTORE Science Program

Funding Agency:
Department of Commerce

The purpose of this document is to advise the public that NOAA/NOS/NCCOS is soliciting proposals for the NOAA RESTORE Science Program for projects up to five years in duration. This announcement invites proposals that request funding from researcher, resource manager, and stakeholder partnerships to execute a previously planned, collaborative research project, develop its findings and products, transfer them to an identified resource manager or management body, and apply them to a specific Gulf of Mexico natural resource management decision. Funding is contingent upon the availability of funds in the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund. It is anticipated that final recommendations for funding under this Announcement will be made in June 2023, and that projects funded under this Announcement will have an October 1, 2023 start date. Total funding for this competition will be approximately $15 million over five years and approximately 10 projects may be funded. The maximum individual award amount is approximately $2,000,000 for up to five years in duration. Information regarding this Announcement, including webinars and additional background information, is available on the Science Program website (

The mission of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) RESTORE Science Program is to carry out research, observation, and monitoring to support the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem, fish stocks, fish habitat, and the recreational, commercial, and charter-fishing industry in the Gulf of Mexico. NOAA was authorized to establish and administer the Science Program, in consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, by the Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies of the Gulf States Act of 2012 (RESTORE Act) (Public Law 112- 141, Section 1604). The RESTORE Act also directs NOAA to prioritize integrated, longterm projects that address current or anticipated estuarine and marine ecosystem, fishery, or wildlife management information needs.


  • REQUIRED Letter of Intent: Aug. 16, 2022
  • Applications: Nov. 15, 2022

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants are institutions of higher education; not-for-profit institutions; forprofit organizations; local, state, and tribal governments; and U.S. territories and federal agencies that possess the statutory authority to accept funding for this type of work. The lead applicant must be from a U.S.-based entity.

The Department of Commerce and NOAA support cultural and gender diversity and encourage proposals involving women and minority investigators, participants, and groups. In addition, the Department of Commerce and NOAA are strongly committed to broadening the participation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and institutions that work in underserved areas. The Department of Commerce and NOAA encourage any of the above institutions to apply.

Amount Description

Funding is contingent upon availability of funds in the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund. It is anticipated that total funding for this funding opportunity will be approximately $15 million and will fund approximately 10 projects. The maximum individual award amount is approximately $2,000,000 for up to five years in duration.

Funding Type



Women and minorities encouraged


Environmental & Life Sciences

External Deadline

August 16, 2022