Policy Bridge: Funding for Policy Engagement Call for Proposals

Funding Agency:
Duke University

Duke’s Policy Bridge has funds available to award small grants for policy engagement activities that catalyze, expand, or enhance efforts to bridge research and public policy efforts at Duke.

Funding might support activities such as:

  • Including policy actors* in a conference, workshop, or other activities with a policy component. For example, an event inviting state legislators to participate in a discussion on the policy implications of research findings.
  • Communicating research findings to policy actors.
  • Developing partnerships with public, non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Proposal Submission Deadline: Rolling
Submit your funding proposals at any time. Grants are rewarded on a first-come, first-served basis. We anticipate awarding between 5-10 small grants by June 30, 2017.

Contact Information
For further information about the Policy Bridge, visit https://sites.duke.edu/policybridge/ or contact Margaret Maes (margaret.maes@duke.edu) or Fritz Mayer (Frederick.mayer@duke.edu).

Agency Website

Eligibility Requirements

Faculty, staff, and students from across Duke may apply. All applications must include the participation of at least one Duke Faculty member.
For applications with a research component, the participating Faculty member must be serving as the Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI for the intended research project.

In lieu of a standard application form, applications should be a document not exceeding 5 pages in length and including the following information, in order:

1. Applicant’s name, title, Duke affiliation(s), email and phone number
2. Summary of purpose of requested funds including a description of any related larger effort/project
3. Description of anticipated use of the funds and breakdown of expected expenses
4. Explanation of how the funds will support engagement and catalyze, expand, or enhance efforts that bridge research and policy
5. Explanation of planned involvement of and interaction with representatives of the public and/or non-profit sectors.
6. The name(s) of involved faculty member(s) and a description of that involvement.
7. Anticipated timeframe for use of funds
8. Any other efforts completed or underway to secure funds for purpose described in (2) above.
9. Other information that the applicant(s) believes may be helpful.

Please submit completed funding applications to linda.b.simpson@duke.edu.

Review of requests
Requests are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by Fritz Mayer, David Schanzer, and Margaret Maes. We recognize that opportunities for policy engagement may arise suddenly and that funds may sometimes be needed on short notice, but prefer to receive proposals at least 30 days before the proposed activity. When submitting a proposal, please indicate if requesting an expedited review.



Amount Description

Inviting proposals of up to $4,000.

Funding Type



Grad/Prof Students


Social Sciences