NOSTER & Science Microbiome Prize

Funding Agency:
American Association for the Advancement of Science

No one walks alone. Every human is enveloped by and contains trillions of microorganisms. The past decade’s research has revealed the essential nature of the relationships with these other organisms for healthy development and adult life. Research on the microbiome has blossomed thanks to technological advances in genomics and bioinformatics. Already, many surprising discoveries have been made about the fundamental role the microbiota play in inflammation, cancer, obesity and many other chronic non-communicable diseases that assail humans. The groundwork has been laid for a shift of gear from mapping microbial associations with health and disease states to working out the mechanistic details and the dynamics of the interactions between hosts and their microbiota. This growing field promises to translate fundamental discoveries and help answer questions about healthy human development, metabolism, and immunity.

The NOSTER Science Microbiome Prize has been established to reward innovative research by young investigators working on the functional attributes of the microbiota of any organism that has potential to contribute to our understanding of human or veterinary health and disease or to guide therapeutic interventions.

Deadline for Entries: January 24, 2021

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Eligibility Requirements

For 2020, entrants must be younger than thirty-five (35) years of age, must hold an M.D., PhD.or M.D./Ph.D at the time of entry, and have received their degree in the last 10 years. 

The applicant must have done or directed all of the work and it must have been performed in the past three years.



Amount Description

Each Grand Prize winner will be awarded a cash prize in the amount of US$25,000 and travel and accommodation for the prize ceremony.

The Grand Prize winner will also receive a free five (5) year digital subscription to Science, and will have their winning essay published in Science (print and online).

Funding Type



Junior Faculty
Post Doctoral Fellows


Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science

External Deadline

January 24, 2021