Posted: 4/18/2022

Notice of Availability of Administrative Supplements for Research on Collaborative Projects with Indian Investigators on Low-Cost Medical Devices

The purpose of this program is to encourage collaborative research and/or technology development between scientists and engineers in the United States and India. The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) announces the availability of administrative supplements for current NIBIB-supported research grants.

Supplements will be provided to develop appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic medical technologies for low-resource settings. Appropriate medical technologies are useable, cost effective, sustainable, and effective in meeting a significant clinical need in a low-resource setting. Collaborations should be aimed at developing medical technologies that can significantly impact underserved populations within the United States and/or India. Within this context grantees can apply for supplements to:

  • Develop variants of technologies presently being supported by an NIBIB research grant that are appropriate for low-resource settings;
  • Accelerate the translation of NIBIB-funded research and technology development for low-resource applications; and
  • Expand the potential applications of NIBIB funded research within low-resource settings.

The supplemental funds will support investigators based in the United States who are collaborating with Indian investigators. In addition, Indian collaborators are expected to apply to the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in India, Dr. T. S. Rao (, for complementary funding.

Eligibility Requirements
Currently supported NIBIB R01, R21, U01, U54, U41, P01 and P41 awards may be supplemented. To be eligible, the parent NIBIB grant must have at least 12 months remaining at the time the supplement is awarded. The research proposed in the supplement application must be accomplished within the competitive segment.
Amount Description

Budget amounts for supplements are expected to vary. Supplements are limited to 25 percent of the direct cost of the parent grant or $75,000 direct costs per year, whichever is less. Supplements may be requested for up to two years provided the parent grant will remain active during this time. Funds must be used subject to the following constraints:

  • A maximum of $20,000 per year may be allocated for extended research and consultations by the NIBIB-funded investigator or U.S.-based co-investigators at a collaborator’s site in India.
  • Consultant fees or salary for Indian investigators or other foreign investigators are not allowed.
  • Additional effort from the Principal Investigator, co-investigators and/or pre- and post-doctoral fellows based in the United States can be supported.
  • Supplemental funds may be allocated for equipment and supplies needed to carry out research or technology development done in collaboration with the Indian partner.
Funding Type
Sponsor: Rolling