Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Developing and Testing Multi-level Physical Activity Interventions to Improve Health and Well-Being

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

The Office of Disease Prevention and participating Institutes, Centers and Offices (ICOs) are issuing this Notice to highlight our interest in highly innovative multi-level interventions to increase and maintain health-enhancing physical activity in a wide range of population groups, including populations that experience health disparities, children, older adults, and persons at risk for mental/behavioral health conditions, and any subpopulations that can be characterized by the intersection of two or more of these descriptors. Relevant physical activity intervention research includes translational research for pilot, exploratory, or developmental work in preparation for full-scale, fully powered efficacy studies, as well as studies seeking to adopt existing evidence-based interventions in a new context (e.g., population, setting, etc.). Research studies should be based on well-established theory, existing data, and/or evidence-based interventions. Furthermore, studies may focus on establishing efficacy, effectiveness, or dissemination and implementation of multi-level interventions.

This Notice encourages translational research aimed at developing and testing multi-level physical activity interventions to improve health and well-being. At a minimum, the proposed study must:

  1. Identify physical activity as the primary outcome.  Additional primary or secondary outcomes may also be included
  2. Inform development of or test an intervention(s) that addresses determinants at two or more socio-ecological levels

This NOSI applies to due dates on or after 6/5/2024 and subsequent receipt dates through 11/14/2027.






Community Outreach and Engagement
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational
Social Sciences

External Deadline

June 5, 2024