Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 3/15/2024

Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Research Projects to Develop Oncoaging Models for Cancer Research

Through this Notice of Special Interest (NOSI), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites applications for projects to establish new or to improve existing models that recapitulate cancer development, progression and treatment response in the context of age-related biological changes, and to apply these models in basic and translational cancer research. The “oncoaging” models established through this NOSI are expected to facilitate research into the underlying biology of aging mechanisms which modify cancer susceptibility and progression, and/or alter the trajectory of therapeutic responses. This knowledge is necessary to inform novel cancer therapies for the older population. Responsive projects will be focused on establishing and characterizing cancer models, that consider aging as a risk factor, demonstrating how  robustly they recapitulate human biology, assessing their clinical relevance, and validating their utility in mechanistic studies and/or translational research.

This notice applies to due dates on or after February 5, 2024, and subsequent receipt dates through July 31, 2027. Applicants must select the IC and associated NOFO to use for submission of an application in response to the NOSI. The selection must align with the IC requirements listed in order to be considered responsive to that NOFO.


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