Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 4/1/2024

Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Supporting the Exploration of Cloud in NIH-supported Research

This notice announces the availability of funds from the Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS) to NIH-managed or NIH-majority-funded projects that may benefit from using the cloud. The purpose of this announcement is to explore and test potential opportunities for leveraging cloud solutions to enhance existing NIH activities.  Projects already using cloud may apply to explore and test cloud capabilities not yet leveraged. This initiative is aligned with the NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science, which describes actions aimed at building a better data infrastructure and a modernized data ecosystem.

The goal of this Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) is to encourage and enable researchers to explore and test opportunities to enhance their research projects by incorporating cloud capabilities. Projects already using cloud may apply to explore and test cloud capabilities not yet leveraged.  Projects supported through this NOSI should result in improved understanding of how to best use cloud resources. Specifically, this opportunity is to support proof-of-concept explorations, measurements, or other tests of the suitability and feasibility of using cloud resources to enhance NIH-supported research projects. Proposed projects should result in a better understanding of which use cases are cost-effective or enable significant enhancements to strategic data science goals such as facilitating new discoveries through access to modern computing and storage platforms at scale; broadening and diversifying participation in NIH research; facilitating the interoperability of NIH data, for example, by enabling multi-cloud or cross-cloud architectures; enhancing existing projects by utilizing new cloud technologies; or improving the computational and cost efficiencies of research.  Applicants should consider the expertise needed for the proposed work and incorporate new partners, as needed.  

Applications in response to this Notice must follow application instructions and be submitted by the following dates: June 18, 2024; June 18, 2025; and June 18, 2026 


Eligibility Requirements

Applications must be submitted as Revision applications to the parent awards by using  PA-23-317 “Competing Revisions to Existing NIH Single Project Research Grants and Cooperative Agreements (Clinical Trial Optional)” , or any reissues of   PA-23-317  through the expiration date of this notice. The following activity codes are ELIGIBLE: R01, R15, R24, R33, R35, R37, R61, RF1, U01 and U24. Applicants are  strongly encouraged to consult the program officer of the parent award to confirm eligibility.