Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Translation of BRAIN Initiative Technologies to the Marketplace

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

This Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) encourages the translation of the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative-supported technologies from academic and other non-small business research sectors to the marketplace. Small Business Concerns (SBCs) are encouraged to submit Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant applications that propose to further develop, optimize, validate and scale such technologies for commercial dissemination. Additionally, SBIR and STTR applications supporting the development and commercialization of novel technologies that fit within the mission of the BRAIN Initiative are encouraged.

The BRAIN Initiative and other research sponsors have invested a significant amount of funds in the development of new technologies to study and understand the brain, from basic and clinical perspectives, through a variety of mechanisms. This investment has produced a large number of innovative neuroscience technologies. While these innovations are put to good use by their developers, non-commercial developers often lack the resources and product development training to make their technologies robust and easy to use by the broad neuroscience community. Moreover, ongoing support to maintain and update technologies in non-commercial settings is difficult to obtain. Consequently, the promise of these advanced technologies is often realized only by industry. The BRAIN Initiative 2.0: From Cells to Circuits, Toward Cures report highlights the need to further support the dissemination of innovative neuroscience technologies. 

This NOSI is intended to alert Small Business Concerns (SBCs) and partnering institutions that there is a need to help move useful BRAIN Initiative-developed technologies and BRAIN Initiative-relevant technologies from non-commercial laboratories into the commercial marketplace. These translational projects can be submitted through the SBIR and STTR Programs. 

Supported research and development will include further development, optimization, validation and scaling of technologies for commercial dissemination and will likely require close collaboration between the original developers of these technologies and SBCs. These partnerships may be accomplished in a number of ways, including the use of multiple program directors/principal investigators. 

This notice applies to due dates on or after April 5, 2024, and subsequent receipt dates through April 6, 2027.


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April 5, 2024