Novel Insulins Innovation Incubator

Funding Agency:
Type 1 Diabetes Grand Challenge Partnership

The Novel insulins Innovation Incubator call from the Type 1 Diabetes Grand Challenge is designed to support transformative research in the field of insulin development. This funding opportunity will make initial awards of up to £500,000 in phase 1. The call is open to academic groups and small to medium size biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies without geographical restrictions.

Phase 1 of this programme offers funding for up to 1 year with budgets capped at £500,000. Under exceptional circumstances such as the need to use large animal models, a higher budget (up to £1 million) may be considered. Please contact the JDRF UK Research Team early at to discuss such request.

Award holders from Phase 1 may be invited to submit a proposal to take their project into a second phase if their project meets key milestones and gives rise to promising results which could lead to benefits for those living with type 1 diabetes. It is envisaged that Phase 2 will offer a further 3 years of funding of around £3 million per project.


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Areas of Interest

This call is designed to drive transformational therapy development, so projects are sought that will advance concepts toward clinical development and delivery.

We welcome high risk/high reward projects that have the potential to move the field in big steps, not incremental developments. It is not limited to a particular type of novel insulin. Applications investigating any bold concept, for example glucose responsive insulins, liver targeted insulins, monomeric/dimeric insulins etc are equally welcome.

Strong preliminary data should form the basis of any application. Applications must show evidence that the potential product developed would be of interest to people with type 1 diabetes and offer a welcome alternative to current insulins.

Eligibility Requirements

This call is open to applicants affiliated with academic, medical or other recognised research institutions as well as to applicants affiliated with small to medium size biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies. There are no geographical restrictions.

The principal investigators must have an internationally competitive research track record in drug design or development. Principal investigators with chemistry and/or pharmacology backgrounds are welcome to apply and are encouraged to collaborate with researchers working in the type 1 diabetes field.

Applicants must have the relevant skills to facilitate the progression of their research to a critical juncture in the development pathway and a clear vision of the potential clinical impact of their product.

Funding Type





Medical - Translational

External Deadline

January 30, 2024