Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 4/18/2022

Novel Tools for Investigating Brain-derived GPCRs in Mental Health Research (R41/R42, R43/R44)

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to encourage small businesses to develop technologies and approaches (i.e., novel ways to use new or existing technologies) that will enable researchers to better understand and manipulate the dynamic structure and/or function of brain localized G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and/or potentially identify novel selective and specific agonists, antagonists, or allosteric modulators for these receptor subtypes, with a focus on mental health function or dysfunction.  Technologies and approaches aimed at either well characterized receptor subtypes or understudied/orphan receptors would be of potential interest to NIMH.

Companion FOA: PA-18-708

STTR/SBIR Due Dates: Sep. 5, Jan. 5, Apr. 5

PA-18-709 Expiration Date September 06, 2021

Eligibility Requirements

Only United States small business concerns (SBCs) are eligible to submit applications for this opportunity.

Amount Description

Please use total costs. If over $225,000 for Phase I and over $1,500,000 for Phase II (in all years) contact the OER SBIR/STTR Office about pursuing an SBA award cap waiver request  

Durations up to 2 years for Phase I and up to 3 years for Phase II may be requested.