Posted: 4/18/2022

NSF Convergence Accelerator

With the NSF Convergence Accelerator, NSF's goals are: (i) to pilot a new NSF capability to accelerate use-inspired convergence research in areas of national importance, and (ii) to initiate convergence team-building capacity around exploratory, potentially high-risk proposals in specific convergence topics (tracks). The NSF Convergence Accelerator supports use-inspired, goal-oriented, basic research, encouraging rapid advances through partnerships that include multiple stakeholders (e.g., industry, academic, not-for-profits, government entities, and others). The NSF Convergence Accelerator brings teams together in a cohort that are all focused on a common research goal of national importance, but which may be pursuing many different approaches.

As a funder of research and education across all fields of science and engineering and with relationships with universities and funding agencies around the world, NSF is uniquely positioned to pilot this approach to accelerate discovery and innovation. Teams supported by the NSF Convergence Accelerator will focus on grand challenges that require a convergence approach. The teams are multidisciplinary and leverage partnerships; tracks within the NSF Convergence Accelerator relate to a grand challenge problem and have a high probability of resulting in deliverables that will benefit society within a fixed term. The NSF Convergence Accelerator is modeled on acceleration and innovation activities from the most forward-looking companies and universities. 

Specific funding opportunities will be announced through Dear Colleague Letters, program announcements, and/or solicitations. For more information see the NSF Convergence Accelerator website:


Full Proposal Accepted Anytime

Due dates will be announced via Dear Colleague Letters, Program Announcements, and Solicitations.

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