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Posted: 9/6/2023

Nutritional interventions for telomere defense

Telomeres are repeated nucleotide sequences (TTAGGG) and associated proteins, which cap and protect the integrity of chromosomes. As cells undergo successive rounds of cell division, telomeres become increasingly shorter through transcription errors or damage from the DNA replication process.  

In cells that undergo regular division (e.g. epithelial cells, activated lymphocytes), Telomerase, a reverse transcriptase enzyme, works to counteract this damage to the chromosome that would otherwise decrease its length. However, there is a natural limit to the repair process as an uncontrolled increase of telomere length can result in abnormal cells and negative health consequences. Upon telomeres reaching a sufficiently short length, cells normally undergo apoptosis. The normal cycle can become disrupted through things like oxidative stress or aging, which can lead to senescence on a cellular level and contribute to other health issues.  

Consequently, telomeres that are neither too short or too long may be ideal for promoting health and longevity. There are only a few published human clinical studies to date that have explored dietary supplementation to support telomere health.

We are seeking novel nutritional interventions, specifically ingredients or blends of ingredients suitable for dietary supplements, to help maintain optimal telomere length. Interventions that decrease the rate of telomere shortening, protect telomere length under oxidative stress conditions, enhance telomerase activity, or work by other mechanisms would be relevant.

Deadline: Oct. 31, 2023

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