Office of Naval Research (ONR) Navy and Marine Corps Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), Education and Workforce Program

Funding Agency:
Department of Defense

The ONR seeks a broad range of applications for augmenting existing or developing innovative solutions that directly maintain, or cultivate a diverse, world-class STEM workforce in order to maintain the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps’ technological superiority. The goal of any proposed effort must provide solutions that will establish and maintain pathways of diverse U.S. citizens who are interested in uniformed or civilian DoN (or Navy and Marine Corps) STEM workforce opportunities. 

As the capacity of the DoN Science and Technology (S&T) workforce is interconnected with the basic research enterprise and STEM education system, ONR recognizes the need to support efforts that can jointly improve STEM student outcomes and align educational efforts with Naval S&T current and future workforce needs. This announcement explicitly encourages projects that improve the capacity of education systems and communities to create impactful STEM educational experiences for students and workers. Submissions are encouraged to consider including active learning approaches and incorporating 21st century skill development. Projects must aim to increase student and worker engagement in STEM and enhance people with needed Naval STEM capabilities. ONR encourages applications to utilize current STEM educational research for informing project design and advancing our understanding of how and why people choose STEM careers and opportunities of naval relevance.

This FOA is intended for white papers and invited applications that provide strategic solutions to naval-relevant challenges. Submissions of either white papers or applications that do not meet the criteria specified by this document will not be reviewed.

White Papers must be received between 1 February 2019  with a deadline of 28 June 2019.

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Areas of Interest

The technical content of any idea must establish naval relevance within the priority areas as outlined in the “Naval Research and Development Framework and Addendum”, Broad priority areas are as follows:

• Augmented Warfighter

• Integrated & Distributed Forces

• Operational Endurance

• Sensing & Sense-Making

• Scalable Lethality

Eligibility Requirements

All responsible sources from academia and non-profit organizations may submit white papers under this FOA. 



Amount Description

ONR‘s total STEM funding effort is $6,250,000 per year, subject to the availability of funds. Under this FOA competition, ONR intends to award approximately twenty-five (25) awards for a maximum of $250,000 per year for each award, with one-year (1) option periods for up to three (3) years. Option period years will be funded incrementally based on applicant performance and adherence to established execution benchmarks. Each individual award will be up to Applications for larger amounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Projects addressing a larger community effort must consult with the Technical Point of Contact (POC) listed in Section II. G.

Funding Type





Community Outreach and Engagement
Curriculum Development
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Environmental & Life Sciences
Social Sciences

External Deadline

June 28, 2019