Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 9/8/2023

OGA -- Global Student Research Fund [Duke Internal Funding]

The Global Student Research Fund supports the global learning, research and professional development of Duke students. Eligible students may apply for funding under one of four categories: Research Projects, Conference Presentations, Pre-Dissertation Travel or Summer Language Study.

  • Research Projects: The student develops and conducts an independent research project that engages with international and/or global issues under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Projects may be conducted on Duke’s campus, virtually or abroad. Research for thesis and capstone projects is supported by this fund. (International opportunities that are not strictly research but relate closely to a student’s academic and/or professional goals may be considered under this funding category as well.) 
  • Conference Presentations: The student travels domestically or internationally to an academic conference and presents on a global topic or issue to advance their research agenda. The student must present at the conference, not merely attend, in order to be eligible to receive funding. This fund does not support in-person attendance at conferences that allow for virtual or hybrid presentations.
  • Pre-Dissertation Travel (Ph.D. students only): The student travels to conduct preliminary dissertation fieldwork activities, including visiting potential research sites and archives, meeting with local contacts, and establishing institutional affiliations.
  • Summer Language Study: The student participates in an intensive summer language study program that is equivalent to one semester of college-level instruction.

Priority will be given to proposals which:

  • Clearly articulate the intended outcomes of the project or presentation
  • Are submitted by students who have previously had limited opportunities and/or funds to travel for academic purposes

Applications for funding will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until April 15th, 2024.

Eligibility Requirements

Research Projects: Full time undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students at Duke are eligible to apply.

Conference Presentations: Full time undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students at Duke are eligible to apply.

Pre-Dissertation Travel: Applicants who are enrolled in a PhD program, have completed at least two years of graduate coursework, and are in the pre-dissertation stage of their program are eligible to apply.

Summer Language Study: Full time undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students at Duke who are ineligible for Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS) funding from Duke’s Area Studies Centers may apply to this funding category. Applications to study languages not taught at Duke over the summer will receive priority consideration.

Amount Description

The maximum amount of funding for which students may apply varies between funding categories.

Students may apply for a maximum award amount of $1,500 to support Undergraduate Research ProjectsConference Presentations and Summer Language Study.

Graduate and Professional students may apply for a maximum award amount of $3,000 to support Research Projects and Pre-Dissertation Travel.