Open Innovation and Collaboration -- BAA-RQKD-2014-0001

Funding Agency:
Department of the Air Force

Open innovation is a methodology to capitalize on diverse, often non-traditional talents and insights, wherever they reside, to solve problems.  Commercial industry has proven open innovation to be an effective and efficient mechanism to overcome seemingly impossible technology and/or new product barriers.  

AFRL has actively and successfully participated in collaborative open innovation efforts.  While these experiences have demonstrated the power of open innovation in the research world, existing mechanisms do not allow AFRL to rapidly enter into contractual relationships to further refine or develop solutions that were identified. 

This BAA will capitalize on commercial industry experience in open innovation and the benefits already achieved by AFRL using this approach.  This BAA will provide AFRL an acquisition tool with the flexibility to rapidly solicit proposals through Calls for Proposals and make awards to deliver innovative technical solutions to meet present and future compelling Air Force needs as ever-changing operational issues become known. 

This BAA with Call(s) for Proposals is not requesting proposals at this time.  Individual requirements known as “Call(s) for Proposals” will be issued against this BAA.  Each Call for Proposals will contain the specific requirements and proposal submission dates.  Unless otherwise stated in a specific Call, all other requirements are listed within this BAA.  Offerors should be alert for any BAA amendments or future Call(s) for Proposals. This BAA shall remain open for 5 years.

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Engineering and Physical Sciences

External Deadline

July 12, 2019