OSERS: RSA: Training of Interpreters for Individuals Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Individuals Who Are Deaf-Blind Program CFDA Number 84.160D

Funding Agency:
Department of Education

Under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Rehabilitation Act), as amended by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) makes grants to public and private nonprofit agencies and organizations, including institutions of higher education (IHE), to establish interpreter training programs or to provide financial assistance for ongoing interpreter training programs to train a sufficient number of qualified interpreters throughout the country. The grants are designed to train interpreters to effectively interpret and transliterate using spoken, visual, and tactile modes of communication; ensure the maintenance of the interpreting skills of qualified interpreters; and provide opportunities for interpreters to improve their skills in order to meet both the highest standards approved by certifying associations and the communication needs of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and individuals who are deaf-blind. 

Deadline: Sep. 12, 2016

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Eligibility Requirements

 Eligible Applicants: States and public or nonprofit agencies and organizations, including American Indian tribes and IHEs. 



Amount Description

Estimated Available Funds: $1,600,000. Contingent upon availability of funds and the quality of applications, we may make additional awards in FY 2017 and FY 2018 from the list of unfunded applications from this competition.

Estimated Range of Awards: $375,000–$400,000.

Estimated Average Size of Awards: $385,000.

Maximum Award Amount: We will reject any application that proposes a budget exceeding $400,000 for a single budget period of 12 months. 

Funding Type





Social Sciences

External Deadline

September 12, 2016