Sponsor Deadline
Posted: 8/7/2023

OSMRE Mine Drainage Technology Initiative (MDTI)

Mine Drainage Technology Initiative (MDTI) (formally known as the Acid Mine Drainage Initiative) provides a forum for collaboration and information exchange with the following goals:

  • Develop an understanding of acidic and toxic mine drainage (MD) so as to better predict, avoid, monitor, and remediate mine drainage;
  • Develop innovative solutions to acidic and toxic MD water-quality problems;
  • Identify, evaluate, and develop “best science” practices to predict acidic and toxic MD prior to mining; and
  • Develop successful cost-effective mitigation/remediation practices for existing sources of acidic and toxic MD.

OSMRE is looking for MDTI studies that address the goals listed above that have the potential for improving the effectiveness of both the coal industry and the regulatory authority to conduct and regulate surface coal mining and reclamation activities that protect the environment and the public.

Deadline: Sep. 25, 2023

Eligibility Requirements

There are no limitations on the number of applications an applicant may submit under the announcement to include the submitting organization, individual investigator/program director, or both.

Amount Description

Maximum Award $200,000

Minimum Award $175,000

Funding Type