Pediatric Oncology Student Training (POST) Program

Funding Agency:
Alexs Lemonade Stand Foundation

The POST Program is a summer research internship designed for undergraduate, graduate (only students pursuing a master’s degree are eligible, PhD students are not eligible) and medical students interested in pursuing a career in pediatric oncology research. The goal of the ALSF POST program is to expose students to the field of pediatric oncology research while experiencing a real-time research project. It is expected that students will develop practical research skills and engage in a mentoring relationship with a pediatric oncology researcher. 

POST provides an opportunity for students to train with a mentor who is conducting research in the field of pediatric oncology. A mentor/mentee pair is a prerequisite for applying. Students may join a research project underway in a mentor’s lab or begin an original investigation with the mentor. Although the mentor and the student should work together on the application, it should be submitted online by the mentor. Students may train at an institution other than their own college, graduate or medical school, and the internship should last 8-10 weeks during late spring/summer over a time period mutually acceptable to both the mentor and the student.

ALSF seeks to increase diversity in the pediatric oncology research community by supporting the next generation of biomedical researchers from underrepresented communities. Approximately 1/3 of the 2024 ALSF POST Program awards will be reserved for students who identify as being from a racial and/or ethnic group that is underrepresented in the scientific workforce as defined by the NSF and NIH. The following groups have been shown nationally to be underrepresented in biomedical research: Blacks or African Americans, Hispanics or Latinos, American Indians or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders. Please refer to Section A of the following NIH guideline to confirm eligibility: Notice of NIH’s Interest in Diversity -

 Applications Due: Feb. 20, 2024

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Eligibility Requirements

The following eligibility criteria apply:

• Mentors must be ALSF grantees (past or present, including those who have previously mentored POST students), Advisory Board, or Review Board members.

• Mentors must be active in the field of pediatric oncology research.

• The Mentor’s Institution must be in the U.S. or Canada. The Mentor/Mentee do not need to be U.S. citizens.

• Mentor/Student pairs must be identified prior to submitting an application.

• Mentor must commit to training the student by submitting a commitment letter with the application, and during the Program period, plan training activities and provide guidance.

• Student must currently be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or medical degree-granting program.

• Student must be able to dedicate at least eight full consecutive weeks to the program, typically between May 1 and August 31. The dates may vary depending on the student’s scheduled school break.

One application per mentor is permitted.



Amount Description

A maximum of $5,000 will be awarded, and indirect costs are not allowed. Funds must be sent to and administered by the mentor’s institution.

The budget may be allocated as follows:

• Student Stipend: At least $4,000 must be used for the student stipend over the program period.

• Supplies: A maximum of $1,000 may be designated for supplies associated with the student’s work. Supplies should be for consumables during the program time period. The remaining balance must be used for the stipend. o Excludes equipment/computers, service contracts, long-term supplies, and books.

Funding Type



African American
Grad/Prof Students
Minorities encouraged
Native American
Women of Color


Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

February 20, 2024