Pfizer Innovation Challenge: Patient Preference Database Blueprint Request for Proposals (RFP)

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Pfizer Inc.

Patient preference information is considered an important component to inform future decisionmaking across the medical product life cycle. However, there is a lack of effective access to preference data that is representative of diverse populations and it is not routinely considered one of the requirements for decision-making in healthcare and drug development.1 A database that will allow for review of existing/secondary patient preference data will allow for informed decisions that focus on patient-centric healthcare.

Currently, most patient preference studies are designed to be fit-for-purpose for a single decision. As a result, the results of each study are often published, possibly used to support a decision or describe patients’ preferences in a specific situation and then forgotten. Although the results of a patient preference study may be cited in future publications to describe what may be known about patient preferences in a particular disease area or with regard to a particular type of health decision, the quantitative results are rarely used to inform other preference-sensitive decisions or to identify trends, or develop insights that help to inform future strategies. A few examples of the synthesis of patient preference results exist. However, these are exceptions.

Through this RFP Pfizer seeks to support and/or enable an independent third-party to create a blueprint or plan to develop and host a searchable database of quantitative patient preference results that can be used effectively as secondary data in research, develop and execute a plan to engage other organizations to populate the database, and sustain the maintenance and upkeep. A key element of the repository will be the ability of users to search contents and extract results that can be used effectively to weight outcomes in decision models. This will require that the database be more than a repository of existing patient preference studies, but rather that it be designed in such a way that data can be organized and extracted in a usable format.

This Innovation Challenge RFP seeks to solicit proposals to develop a blueprint for collating, organizing, and storing publicly available results from multiple patient preference studies such as may be found in publications or study reports in a single database, organizing results by disease, treatment class (JAK inhibitors in multiple diseases), patient type, etc. or any other categorization scheme and propose a method for extracting and synthesizing available data so that the existing quantitative preference estimates can be used as weights in decision-analytic models as an alternative to de novo primary data collection. The preference results in the database can be the result of any stated preference method (e.g., discrete-choice experiment, threshold technique, swing weighting, etc.) that provides quantitative estimates of marginal utility or relative importance of multiple disease and treatment attributes.

Due Date: August 2, 2021

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August 2, 2021