Pilot Study Funding Program (for Nonhuman Primate Biomedical Research)

Funding Agency:
Tulane National Primate Research Center

The purpose of the Pilot Research Program is to provide funds to investigators who show promise of developing a strong career in nonhuman primate biomedical research or who wish to add a nonhuman primate component to their existing research programs. The program is also open to investigators with established research programs using nonhuman primates who wish to develop substantially new research directions. The Program will fund 2 – 4 pilot research projects per year depending upon receipt of meritorious applications, the availability of base-grant funds and resources to support the project. The direct cost for a single research project should not exceed $75,000 for no more than one year of support. No funds will be provided to cover facilities and administration (indirect) costs. No-cost extensions of up to one year will be permitted, with appropriate justification. Pilot research funds will not provide interim support for established projects or for any projects that have qualified for support from other sources.  


  • Feb. 1 – REQUIRED letter of Intent deadline for the May 1st Pilot Study Program (invited) application date.
  • Aug. 1 – REQUIRED letter of Intent deadline for the November 1st Pilot Study Program (invited) application date.

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Areas of Interest

Priorities for the 2023 fiscal year TNPRC pilot funding will be given to research projects focusing on infectious diseases and/or how they may impact metabolic diseases including cardiovascular or CNS disease, diabetes, or other co-morbidities. AIDS-related applications should focus on NIH AIDS-related priorities including cure strategies, and effects of co-infection such as SIV/SHIV and TB co-infection, or comorbidities of SIV infection and cardiovascular, renal, and/or CNS diseases, etc. 



Funding Type



Junior Faculty
Minorities encouraged


Environmental & Life Sciences
Medical - Basic Science

External Deadline

February 1, 2024