Plant Genome Research Program (PGRP)

Funding Agency:
National Science Foundation


​The Plant Genome Research Program (PGRP) supports genome-scale research that addresses challenging questions of biological, societal and economic importance. PGRP encourages the development of innovative tools, technologies and resources that empower a broad plant research community to answer scientific questions on a genome-wide scale. Emphasis is placed on the scale and depth of the question being addressed and the creativity of the approach.  Data produced by plant genomics should be usable, accessible, integrated across scales and of high impact across biology. Training, broadening participation, and career development are essential to scientific progress and should be integrated in all PGRP-funded projects. 

Two funding tracks are currently available:

1.  RESEARCH-PGR TRACK: Genome-scale plant research to address fundamental biological questions in biology, including economically important processes of societal importance.

2.  TRTech-PGR TRACK: Tools, resources and technology breakthroughs that further enable functional plant genomics.

Deadline: Full Proposal Accepted Anytime

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Eligibility Requirements

PGRP follows the Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS) PI and co-PI eligibility requirements. IOS now limits the number of proposals on which an individual can participate as PI or co-PI. Individuals are limited to one submission to this solicitation, the IOS Core Programs solicitation, the Plant Biotic Interactions solicitation or the RUI/ROA solicitation. Submission of a PGRP proposal in response to this solicitation will count toward the fiscal year (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) limit of ONE submission per individual as a PI or co-PI to any IOS core programs, as further described in the IOS solicitation.

If more than one proposal is received from an individual, the earliest submission will be considered, and all subsequent submissions within the fiscal year will be returned without review. "PI" and "co-PI" refer to how an individual would appear on a Cover Sheet, in the list of co-PIs in the Project Summary, or in the budget of a full proposal, including all parts of a PGRP proposal with subawards to co-PIs.

Participating in a proposal as a non-co-PI lead of a subaward or as senior personnel does not count against this limit.

Proposals submitted between the initial release of this solicitation and the end of the current fiscal year (September 30, 2018) will compete for fiscal year 2019 funds and thus submission will count toward the submission limit for FY2019.

It is the responsibility of the submitters to confirm that the research team is within these eligibility guidelines. Changes to the team post-submission to meet eligibility limits will not be allowed.

This limit does not include proposals to other solicitations or tracks within the IOS Core Programs solicitation, such as Rules of Life (RoL) track, Research Coordination Networks (RCN), Enabling Discovery through Genomic Tools (EDGE), CAREER, or to core programs in other BIO Divisions [Molecular and Cellular Biosciences (MCB), Division of Environmental Biology (DEB) and Division of Biological Infrastructure (DBI)]. However, other solicitations may have their own limit guidelines. It is the responsibility of the submitting PI to review details of limits across BIO prior to submission.



Amount Description

Estimated Number of Awards: 10 to 15

Anticipated Funding Amount: $20,000,000

Approximately $20,000,000 will be available for new and continuing awards in FY 2019. Estimated program budget, number of awards and average award number, size/duration are subject to the availability of funds.

Limitation of Awards

PGRP proposal budget requests may not exceed $5 million to support up to a 5-year project plan, although most projects are expected to require less.

Funding Type



Junior Faculty


Environmental & Life Sciences