Project Grant

Funding Agency:
State Justice Institute

Project Grants are the centerpiece of SJI’s efforts to improve the administration of justice in state courts nationwide. Project Grants are intended to support innovative education and training, demonstration, and technical assistance projects that can improve the administration of justice in State courts locally or nationwide.

Ordinarily, Project Grants may not exceed $300,000; however, grants in excess of $200,000 may be awarded only to support highly promising projects likely to have a significant national impact. Project Grants are intended to support innovative research, demonstration, education, or technical assistance projects. Grant periods for Project Grants ordinarily may not exceed 36 months. Absent extraordinary circumstances, no grant will continue for more than five years.

SJI is interested in funding both innovative programs and programs of proven merit that can be replicated in other jurisdictions. SJI is especially interested in funding projects that:

  • Formulate new procedures and techniques, or creatively enhance existing procedures and techniques;
  • Address aspects of the state judicial systems that are in special need of serious attention;
  • Have national significance by developing products, services, and techniques that may be used in other states; and;
  • Create and disseminate products that effectively transfer the information and ideas developed to relevant audiences in state and local judicial systems, or provide technical assistance to facilitate the adaptation of effective programs and procedures in other state and local jurisdictions.
  • Funds will not be made available for the ordinary, routine operation of court systems or programs in any of these areas.

Grant application deadlines are: November 1; February 1; May 1; and August 1

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Social Sciences

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November 1, 2023