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Posted: 4/3/2024

Promoting Results and Outcomes through Policy and Economic Levers (PROPEL)

The U.S. Agency for International Development (the Agency), Office of Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) is pleased to announce the Promoting Results and Outcomes through Policy and Economic Levers (PROPEL) Annual Program Statement (APS). This APS contributes to the Agency’s health development priorities, which correspond to the goals of: preventing maternal and child deaths, controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and combating infectious disease. The purpose of this APS is to improve the enabling environment for equitable and sustainable health services, supplies and delivery systems through: policy development and implementation; adequate, predictable, and sustainable financing; enhanced government stewardship, transparency, and accountability; and an engaged and informed civil society prepared to advocate for improved systems and outcomes. This APS has a specific emphasis on voluntary, rights-based family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH), and FP/RH integration with maternal and child health (MCH), and HIV/AIDS. It will encourage work across health elements, systems, and development sectors, with specific efforts in increasing FP/RH demand, facilitating FP uptake, and advancing other FP/RH-related outcomes.

This specific document is an umbrella APS and will not be accepting concept papers or applications. Prospective applicants will be provided a fair opportunity to develop and submit competitive concept papers to USAID for potential funding via discrete Rounds under this APS. For the purposes of the PROPEL APS, a “Round” is defined as a specific program description that falls under the larger PROPEL APS goal, purpose, and expected results but is tailored to a certain focus. Under each Round, applicants will first submit a short concept paper that will be reviewed for responsiveness to the overall PROPEL purpose, selected results, and Round’s focus and then scored according to the evaluation criteria provided in the Round document.

Closing Date: December 6, 2031


Areas of Interest

PROPEL Youth and Gender (Round 3): Promoting Results and Outcomes through Policy and Economic Levers

In Round 3 (PROPEL Youth and Gender, (No. 7200AA22APS00002-03) of the PROPEL Annual Program Statement (APS) No. 7200AA22APS00002, USAID is requesting the submission of concept papers focused on strengthening the enabling environment for family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) and FP/RH integration with HIV/AIDS and maternal and child health (MCH) with a specific focus will be on policy, advocacy, financing, and governance (PAFG) related to youth and adolescents as well as gender equity. USAID anticipates issuing one award under Round 3.

Applicants may submit only one concept paper per prime organization. For Round 3, all applicants are encouraged to form a consortium (primes with partners) with new and local partners. Interested applicants from within Duke should contact fundopps@duke.edu as early as possible.

Deadline for Submission of Concept Papers for Round 3: February 10, 2023 at 12:00 pm ET

Eligibility Requirements

U.S. and non-U.S. public, private, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations, as well as institutions of higher education, public international organizations, and non-governmental organizations, are eligible to submit a concept paper under each Round(s) of the APS. Further, the organization must be a legally-recognized, organizational entity under applicable law, not otherwise restricted by statute, regulation, Agency policy, or administrative determination (i.e., suspension and debarment) from receiving assistance, and legally registered in a country that is not a prohibited source per ADS 310.5 If a Round restricts eligibility, it will be noted in the Round document in this section.