Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund Grant Program – Expanding Testing and Evaluation

Funding Agency:
Department of Commerce

This NOFO is the first in a series that NTIA will issue and administer under the Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund (Innovation Fund). The purpose of the Innovation Fund Program is to fund efforts that accelerate the development, deployment, and adoption of open and interoperable radio access networks (RAN) through a competitive grant program. In response to this first NOFO, NTIA looks forward to receiving and reviewing a broad range of applications proposing creative ways to: (1) expand industry-accepted testing and evaluation to effectively facilitate and assess the interoperability, performance, and/or security of open and interoperable, standards-based 5G radio access networks; and (2) develop new and/or materially improve existing testing methodologies to test, evaluate, and validate the interoperability, performance, and/or security of these networks, including their component parts, in order to address needs not currently met by industry-accepted tests and best practices.

Deadline: June 2, 2023

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants include for-profit companies, non-profit companies, institutions of higher education, industry groups, and consortia consisting of two or more such entities, with exclusions as listed in Section 2.2.

Amount Description

NTIA will make up to $140,500,000 available for federal financial assistance under this initial Innovation Fund NOFO. NTIA expects to make awards within the following funding range: $250,000 to $50,000,000. The period of performance for grants awarded under this NOFO ends up to five (5) years from the date on which the grant funds are made available to the eligible entity.

Funding Type





Engineering and Physical Sciences

External Deadline

June 2, 2023