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Posted: 4/2/2024

Rapid Response and Novel Research in Earth Science (ROSES 2024)

This program element solicits proposals that advance the goals and objectives of NASA's Earth Science Division by conducting unique research to investigate 1) unforeseen or unpredictable Earth system events and opportunities that require a rapid response, and 2) novel ideas of potential high merit and relevance for ESD science to advance Earth remote sensing that have not otherwise been solicited by NASA in the past three years.  

 Rapid Response to Earth System Events: This subelement is focused on research proposals having great urgency for action involving quick-response research on natural or anthropogenic extreme events and/or similar unanticipated or unpredictable events that fall outside the norm. Examples are major fires, volcanic eruptions, 100-year floods, episodes of severe and large-scale environmental pollution, harmful algal blooms, coral bleaching events, and other unexpected large-scale events causing rapid environmental change.  

Novel Ideas in Earth Remote Sensing: This subelement is intended to provide an open, systematic, competitive process for NASA’s ESD to consider proposals for exceptionally novel scientific research that includes remote sensing of the Earth which is not responsive to any other current or recent NASA solicitation (see below). ESD recognizes that such proposals offer the possibility for major scientific breakthroughs and new approaches to remote sensing and knowledge of the Earth system. ESD offers this subelement as a mechanism for researchers to develop their ideas and justify near-term investment through an important new capability or scientific application that will advance ESD goals and objectives.  

Proposals may be submitted at any time until March 28, 2025.

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