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Posted: 4/18/2022

Request for Information and Expression of Interest for USAID South Sudan - Biodiversity

USAID/South Sudan seeks market information as well as responses to the RFI questions enclosed in order to inform the design of a future mechanism. This RFI/EOI is open for comments from any interested party.

The U.S. Government has a long history of supporting the people of South Sudan.  While much of this work has focused on humanitarian assistance, conserving South Sudan’s tremendous biodiversity has become a key part of USAID’s recent development efforts in the country. 

South Sudan boasts of one of the largest wildlife migrations globally and contains some of Africa’s most important biodiversity and wildlife areas. This includes the continent’s largest tropical wetlands and intact savannahs as well as important areas of lowland forests, Afromontane forests, high-altitude plateaus, and floodplains.  The ecosystem services provided by this biodiversity support the livelihoods of thousands of people across the country.

However, South Sudan’s biodiversity is under immense pressure. Poverty levels are high, as is unemployment.  Localized conflict over resources remains common. Poaching has been a serious problem since the period of the Sudanese civil war and has led to the near extinction of certain species in some locations.

Since 2007, USAID has helped South Sudanese communities protect their world-renowned flora and fauna through wildlife monitoring, land-use planning, alternative livelihoods, combating wildlife trafficking, and other conservation actions.  In FY22, USAID anticipates a new biodiversity conservation activity and thus seeks input to inform the design.

Response Date: March 5, 2021

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