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Millennium Challenge Corporation

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is pleased to launch this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for an exciting, innovative, and results-based project, “Data-Driven Communities.” This project seeks to empower stakeholders at in subnational areas in Tanzania (district and wards) to use data to improve lives through better decisions, budgetary alignment and citizen engagement. Specifically, this NOFO is reaching out to organizations with demonstrated interest, relevant experience, creativity and knowhow to come up with a strategy, target geographic areas and the right mix of interventions; and, then to achieve specific outcomes and optimize impact within a short period of time. The “Data-Driven Communities” Project is one among several investments under a broader Data Collaboratives for Local Impact Program (DCLI). 

The Data-Driven Communities project will apply data to solve specific problems in targeted districts, towns, wards and villages in Tanzania. These investments will be guided by the goal to provide better information on local needs to ensure government and private investments are aligned and strategically designed to improve the lives of people in the targeted areas. A key objective will be to tighten the important feedback loop between the service providers and local beneficiaries in order to enable greater programmatic effectiveness and accountability.

The end goal of these sub-national efforts is to define concepts and methods that work in a limited set of target areas, and to document the methods and best practices that underlie any successes. It would then be up to other projects, and the Government of Tanzania itself, to scale up and scale out any concepts that work, with or without donor participation, rolling them out across the country and at different levels of government.

This NOFO and the overall Data Collaboratives program does not pretend to fully understand the intricacies and needs of the sub-national target areas, and does not intend to be explicit as to the details of a solution. It is intended to set a framework from which solutions can be designed by applicants to reach project outcomes. The Applicant is encouraged to provide additional ideas, thoughts and strategies that would lead to stronger overall program integration. 

Deadline for Phase I Applications (Concept Paper): September 19, 2016

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Eligibility Requirements

For the Data-Driven Communities Project, the focus on sub-national activities suggests the possibility of a consortium of entities (see below): One or more organizations cooperating to work at the national and/or district levels, in partnership with organizations already active at local levels working to instill greater local level impact and ownership. However, one organization must serve as the Prime Applicant (known throughout this NOFO as “Applicant”), and will be accountable for execution of the entire project by the consortium.

To be eligible as an Applicant under this Cooperative Agreement, an organization must be a NonUSG Federal Entity per 2 CFR 200.69 (Non-Federal entity means a state, local government, Indian tribe, institution of higher education (IHE), or nonprofit organization that carries out a Federal award as a recipient or sub-recipient). U.S. and Non-U.S. organizations, East African (regional) and Tanzanian (local) organizations are therefore eligible to serve as the Prime Applicant under this NOFO. Competition is unrestricted, but organizations must comply with 2 CFR 200.69 – and with the budget allocation requirements.

MCC strongly encourages all Applicants to partner with local (Tanzanian and subnational) organizations to maximize local knowledge and content, and to meet the technical objectives.



Amount Description

MCC estimates that the program amount of funding associated with the implementation of the Data-Driven Communities project as described in Section A is approximately US$2.75 million over a period of 19 months. In addition to the MCC funded amount, the Applicants are invited and encouraged to support this important work through their own contributions by providing cost share (Section C.2). MCC intends to award one or several cooperative agreement(s) pursuant to this NOFO – and reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted. 

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External Deadline

September 19, 2016