Request for Information: Priorities for Cancer Prevention and Symptom Management Science at NCI

Funding Agency:
National Institutes of Health

Through this Notice of Request for Information (RFI), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is soliciting input on important new research directions for cancer screening, prevention and symptom management science.

The Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP) furthers the mission of the National Cancer Institute by leading, supporting, and promoting rigorous, innovative research and training to prevent cancer and its consequences to improve the health of all people. To achieve the goal of ending cancer as we know it, DCP will need innovative solutions and strategies. Thus, DCP is seeking broad public input from all interested parties, including but not limited to, the extramural research community, professional organizations, advocates, cancer survivors, healthcare practitioners, and research participants, on research directions that will accelerate cancer prevention and symptom management scientific progress and increase the impact of DCP-sponsored research.

The National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP) is devoted to research on cancer prevention, interception, screening and early detection, and symptom science. To accomplish this, DCP provides funding and administrative support to clinical, population science, and laboratory researchers, community and multidisciplinary teams, and collaborative scientific networks. Ongoing programs include early detection, screening, and surveillance of cancers, clinical and translational, nutritional science, palliative care, and symptom management. A core value that is integrated into the goals of all DCP programs is consideration of the needs of diverse populations. Now DCP seeks specific information on research gaps and priorities in the field of carcinogenic environmental exposures in relation to early detection, screening, and cancer prevention. In addition, DCP is seeking input to inform research priorities related to the application and development of novel and innovative research technologies, resources, measures, and method that Further details concerning currently funded programs can be found at

While NCI/DCP requests input to identify the most important research directions to accelerate progress in the two areas described in the next section, comments need not be limited to these domains. Recommendations concerning modifications to current programs and directions are welcome, as are recommendations concerning entirely new directions and programs. In addition, although these two domains are based on the current mission, structure, and programmatic efforts of DCP, other high-priority research directions not currently supported or mentioned here are also welcome.

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Responses must be received by 11:59 p.m. on January 20, 2023.




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January 20, 2023