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Posted: 4/18/2022

Request for Proposals: Digital Oncology Care

This Request for Proposals (RFP) invites grant applications for solutions that implement evidence-based research findings to improve patient health outcomes for clinical practice in oncology. Our goal is to offer funding that initiates new prototypes or new pilot studies of digital health solutions that engage patients with a team of care providers.

Emerson Collective has made significant investments in translational research that focus on accelerating improvements to cancer detection, diagnosis, treatment, and care experience. Through this opportunity we will continue to explore how to accelerate the movement of research evidence into practice that is standards-based, publicly available, and enhances the roles of patients and their caregivers in treatment. Incorporation of evidence- based research findings into clinical practice can improve a practitioner's clinical decision-making as well as a provider's assessment of clinical performance using quality measures. High quality measurement and standard care delivery tools would ideally create an efficient, equitable, and personalized healthcare system.

Proposed research efforts that improve health care processes may increase the uptake of evidence-based research findings in clinical practice if effectively developed, implemented, and shared. This RFP is intended to support projects that will develop new, reliable, valid, and usable research findings and demonstrate effectiveness at improving clinical care delivery. We recognize that a spectrum of development projects could span care delivery settings, institutions, health Information Technology (IT) systems, and clinical conditions. These improvements in data collection, quality, and analysis should aim to increase access and health outcomes, including among vulnerable populations receiving care in under-resourced settings.

Any proposed project must fall within one of the following interest areas:

  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Patient Navigation
  • Palliative Mental and Behavioral Healthcare
  • Caregivers and Survivorship
  • Patient Engagement Efforts
  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Real-world data and Evidence Development
  • Patient Data Infrastructure and Analytics
  • Clinical Trial Operations

This RFP has a two-step response. May 8, 2021 (open) - June 8, 2021 is the timeline for Project Summary submission. Applicants invited to submit a full proposal will have from July 8, 2021 (open) – September 8, 2021 (deadline). Award announcements expected on December 15, 2021.

Eligibility Requirements

This RFP is open to all faculty undertaking research relevant to cancer at eligible partner sites. Eligibility questions should be sent to healthgrants@emersoncollective.com. Awards range up to $200,000 per year and for up to three years, which must include both direct and indirect costs. Proposals must begin with submission of a Project Summary/Abstract. Only those recommended abstracts will be invited to submit a full proposal. Emerson Collective and associates will evaluate applications on the following positive criteria:

  • Significance: Is there a specific problem in patient workflow to address?
  • Impact: How will patient safety, healthcare quality, or patient health outcomes be improved?
  • Reach: Is the proposal considering work beyond one specific clinical scenario or clinical workflow?
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