Posted: 11/6/2023

Request for proposals for projects to grow our capacity for reducing global catastrophic risks

We are seeking proposals from applicants interested in growing our capacity for reducing global catastrophic risks via the kinds of projects described below.

We may also be able to help some applicants (e.g. by introducing them to potential collaborators, giving them feedback about plans and strategy, providing legal assistance, etc.) or be able to help find others who can. We are open to and encourage highly ambitious proposals for projects that would require annual budgets of millions of dollars, including proposals to scale existing projects that are still relatively small.

Deadline: Rolling

Areas of Interest

Programs that engage with promising young people

We are seeking proposals for programs that engage with young people who seem particularly promising in terms of their ability to reduce global catastrophic risks or otherwise improve the long-term future (and may have interest in doing so).

Projects aiming at widespread dissemination of relevant high-quality content

We are also seeking proposals for projects that aim to share high-quality, nuanced content related to reducing global catastrophic risks or improving the long-term future with large numbers of people. Projects could cover wide areas such as effective altruism, rationality, global catastrophic risk reduction, or longtermism, or they could have a more specific focus. We’re interested in supporting people both to create original content and to find new ways to share existing content.