Research and Development (R&D) for Air Force Airbase Systems

Funding Agency:
Department of the Air Force

The AFCEC Readiness Directorate provides integrated Expeditionary Engineer Combat Support, Fire Emergency Services, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and Emergency Management in support of AF missions across the range of military operations. The Readiness Directorate supports AF Airmen worldwide with technical expertise and RDT&E associated with material and nonmaterial solutions to enable execution of global contingency missions, emergency response, and incident management at home station and at deployed locations. AFCEC/CXA seeks basic and applied research across the areas identified: (1) Airbase Facilities and Infrastructure, (2) Airbase Operations, (3) Civil Engineering Materials, (4) Emergency Response and Fire Protection, (5) Infrastructure Protection and Environmental Systems, (6) Robotics and Automation, and (8) Expeditionary and Contingency Basing.

White Papers may be submitted at any time during the solicitation period. All White Papers submissions will be evaluated and a response will be provided to the sender within 45 days of completion.

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Engineering and Physical Sciences

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December 19, 2018