Research and Education Grants

The MedEvac Foundation International is an international non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization headquartered in Alexandria, VA.

Since 2005, the MedEvac Foundation International has supported academic research, studies, and education programs designed to enhance the industry’s ability to deliver high-quality, safe, and effective medical care and medical transportation for every patient in need.

Any investigator wishing to develop a collaboration with MFI should first send a brief two-page description of the proposed analyses (letter of intent) to

If a project is judged feasible, of substantial scientific interest, and is not currently under consideration for funding by the Foundation, the investigator will be invited to submit a detailed proposal. The format of the letter of intent and full proposal are described in detail below.

The letter of intent should briefly outline the hypothesis being proposed, its significance and the reason for proposing use of MFI funding.

Letters of intent can be submitted at any time throughout the year.

Areas of Interest

Funding priority will be given to studies focused on the following research and education priorities:

  • Safety in critical care transport, examination of adverse events data, and development of practical solutions to overcome identified deficiencies.

  • Efficacious onboard patient management involving time sensitive care, including treatment and transport of patients involving time critical diagnoses.

  • Efficient utilization of transport and effects on reduction in mortality and morbidity, rehabilitation, and/or analysis of benefit in terms of improving quality of life or survival.

  • Educational techniques and technologies aimed at improving patient care, critical decision making, safety, or other areas pertinent to transport medicine.

  • Evaluation of the validity of accrediting agency standards that is relevant to transport medicine.

Funding Type
Sponsor: Rolling