Research and Traning Scholarships

Funding Agency:
American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

The AAOGF and the Foundations of ABOG and SMFM seek to identify future academic physician leaders in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and to stimulate their scholarly development, through the support of advanced scientific training. The Scholarship Award is to be used in an academic Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the United States or Canada to provide research training and experience for a candidate of proven ability who exhibits significant talent, original thought and evidence of dedication to an academic career. Research training may focus on basic or translational research, disease pathogenesis, clinical diagnostics, interventions and prevention, or epidemiology.

Deadline: July 1, 2018

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Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must have been awarded an M.D. degree and must be eligible for the certification process of ABOG at the time of the award. This award is not intended to fund clinical training leading to specialty or subspecialty certification. However, applicants who are in their second year of an ABOG-approved fellowship can apply for funding through this mechanism to start their training in the 3rd year of fellowship, as long as that year is devoted to research for at least 75% of the year. In any case, applicants who have completed or are undertaking subspecialty training must have completed such training or be in the second or third year of an ABOG approved training program at the time application is made. In addition, candidates for the AAOGF/Foundation for SMFM scholarship must be members or associate members of the SMFM. Eligible applicants may use the same application in order to be considered for both the AAOGF/ABOG and AAOGF/Foundation for SMFM awards, and should state in a cover letter their desire to be considered for either or both awards. Because of the desirability of early training in scientific principles, residency programs possessing the necessary flexibility and resources are urged to notify their residents of the availability of these scholarships. 

At least 75% of the candidate’s efforts should be spent in research training and the conduct of research, which may occur in facilities either within or outside of the sponsoring Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Collaborative efforts with other departments e.g., Pharmacology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Biochemistry, or Epidemiology would be a desirable part of the program.



Amount Description

The total annual funding for each scholar is $120,000. Sufficient funds to support travel to the annual fellows’ retreat must be set aside. The balance of funds may be used for salary, technical support, and supplies. The award is made under the direction of the AAOGF Scholar Committee. The award co-sponsored by the SMFM is also under the direction of the Foundation for SMFM Board.

The award is intended to fund three consecutive years of research training. The initial award is for one year and is renewable annually for two additional consecutive years of research training, based on satisfactory progress of the scholar in meeting programmatic requirements and on the availability of funds. Only one year of the three funded years may be part of a subspecialty fellowship-training program. Indirect costs are not provided.

Recipients must agree to provide career development reports and follow-up after the conclusion of the scholarship on an annual basis and as requested.

It is expected that the scholarship training will be conducted at the same institution for the entire period of funding. Transfer of institutions or change of mentors during the period of funding must receive the prior approval of AAOGF and, in the case of a jointly sponsored award, the Foundation for SMFM. Unexpended funds must be returned to the sponsoring organization unless approval is granted for an extension of the training period. 

Funding Type



Medical Fellow/Resident


Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science
Medical - Translational

External Deadline

July 1, 2018