Research Grants

Funding Agency:
Scoliosis Research Society
  • The Biedermann Innovation Research Award shall be designed to support innovative research by young clinical investigators in the field of spine deformity.​
  • New investigator research grants are meant to stimulate younger members into a career of investigation in spinal deformity.
  • The Resident/Fellow Research grants are meant to allow residents/fellows to pursue avenues of interest to prepare them for a lifelong research career.
  • Exploratory Micro research grants are meant to promote the diversity of the SRS membership and encourage members who do not typically receive major research awards to advance their creative ideas.
  • The SRS-Cotrel Foundation basic science research grant is conceived to support projects that will be performing work in Pediatric Scoliosis. Projects investigating molecular and cellular mechanisms, medical imaging as well as characterizing biomechanical aspects underlying the disease are eligible.
  • The expectation for a standard research grant is that the successfully completed project would be of a quality of a well-received podium presentation at the SRS Annual Meeting. The Society expects that these grants will lay the foundation for a sustained avenue of investigation and allow the investigator(s) to seek larger grants from sources such as the NIH or OREF. Investigators who have been funded at this level should not plan on nor expect that the “next step” in a project will be funded by the SRS after completion of their initial work.



Letters of Intent Collected: February 1 - March 15
*Applicable to: Biedermann Innovation Award, New Investigator Grant, SRS-Cotrel Foundation Basic Science Grant, and Standard Research Grants
Application for Resident/Fellow Grants and Exploratory Micro-Grants Collected: February 1 - March 15
Requests for Full Proposals: no later than April 15
Full Proposal Applications Open: April 15 - May 15​


Junior Faculty
Medical Fellow/Resident


Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science

External Deadline

March 15, 2024