Research Grants and Fellowships

Funding Agency:
American Respiratory Care Foundation

NBRC Frederic Helmholz, Jr., MD Educational Research Fund

A Master’s Thesis, or Doctoral Dissertation with practical value to the respiratory care profession are acceptable submissions by a candidate. Others may submit a complete research proposal for consideration. This award consists of cash, certificate of recognition, airfare, one night lodging and registration for AARC Congress.

Applicants for a grant from this endowment will be required to submit a proposal in a format prescribed by the American Respiratory Care Foundation Board of Trustees.

Applications are accepted from January 1–June 1. 

Parker B. Francis Respiratory Research Grant

The Parker B. Francis Foundation has provided an endowment to the American Respiratory Care Foundation to make funds available to provide financial assistance for research programs dealing with respiratory care and related topics.

Applications are accepted from September 1–December 31.

Jerome M. Sullivan Research Fund

The fund was established to stimulate original research contributions by respiratory care practitioners to the body of knowledge comprising respiratory care. The fund was created by a grant from Jerome M. Sullivan, the 1990 President of the AARC.

In general, proposals for either applied clinical research or basic research in respiratory care and cardiopulmonary medicine will be considered. This will include research studies in the theory and practice of respiratory care and respiratory care management and education. A respiratory care practitioner must be designated as principal investigator or co-principal investigator.

Applications are accepted from September 1–December 31.

Smallwood Young Investigator Fellowship

The Smallwood Young Investigator Fellowship was established after the untimely death of Craig Smallwood, PhD, RRT, one of our own young investigators, at the age of 36. The Smallwood Fellowship is designed to make funds available to support new investigators with expertise, experiences or other resources needed to build a firm foundation of pediatric respiratory therapy research.

Applications are accepted Jan. 1–June 1. 





Medical - Basic Science
Medical - Clinical Science

External Deadline

December 31, 2023