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Funding Agency:
American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association

Proposals submitted for review should be relevant to AFSA's research priorities. By investigating the areas described below, AFSA believes that better diagnostic tools and treatments will be made available to patients with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) and its overlapping conditions.

In the past, AFSA’s focus has been on pain mechanisms and treatment. While advances have been achieved in these areas, little progress has been made toward characterizing the sleep disturbances in FMS patients. This is why AFSA is putting aside $300,000 for studies pertaining to sleep. The purpose of AFSA’s sleep research initiative is to gain a better understanding of the relationship between the neurobiology of sleep in people with FMS and the various symptoms of this condition.

In addition to sleep, AFSA strongly encourages investigators to submit proposals that address the “other important priorities” listed in the second section. AFSA currently has $300,000 available to fund grants up to $50,000 for each proposal that addresses these other priorities. Depending upon AFSA’s fund-raising success, additional funds may be available to study these other areas of priority.

There are no deadlines for Letter of Intents (LOIs) or applications. Scientists are encouraged to submit an LOI prior to preceding to the application phase. LOIs and applications will be reviewed as they are received. If an application is accepted for funding, AFSA will promptly award the funds (assuming the IRB has been approved).

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Eligibility Requirements

The Principal Investigator (PI) must be fluent in English and, ideally, published in peer-reviewed English language medical journals. If applicant resides outside the United States, please indicate the budget in U.S. dollars.

The PI must be a board certified "M.D.", "D.O.", or "D.D.S." or a Ph.D. with applicable basic science research experience. If the applicant has not previously published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, AFSA strongly recommends that the applicant team up with a co-PI with research experience.



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